Geoengineering: Winter in April

“Cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.”

Another week of inexplicable deluge, floods, tornados, and snow storms has barreled across the country. Another week of the impossible, right in front of everyone. No one sees the massive bursts of Water Vapor from “nowhere,” no one sees the awkward and incessant forced rotation of storm systems, no one sees the incessant and intricately timed colliding Gravity Waves (Heterodyne Waves) conveniently fueled by the incessant burst of Water Vapor, and no one sees how impossible (in the Natural World) every bit of it is. At least (quite evidently) no one Media or Meteorology sees it.

Yet these continuous Natural Impossibilities – are the ONLY things that “weather” consists of in this country, and on this planet. It’s not up for debate. It is visibly evident for anyone who bothers to look, and I can prove it – with every single storm system. It took me well over a decade to reach the understanding I have of this complex and century-old reality (in the face of endless obstruction, misdirection, intimidation, ridicule, etc.), but no one who studies this work has to go through any of that. All of the facts – are right in front of you. All one has to do, is open their eyes, and let go of the programming we have all been barraged with.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Geoengineering: Texas Floods Detailed

Still not a single meteorologist with a name, face, and reputation (to even prove that they are ‘real’) will address the inexplicable scheduled daily bursts of Water Vapor emanating from the Mexico mountains, which deluge Texas and the South almost every day. The only ‘response’ on their behalf comes from the trolling, stalking, parasitic psyop representatives who offer nothing but insults, profanity, and misdirection.

There is little else to say about them at this point. The blatant redundancy speaks for itself. The meteorologists refuse to represent themselves, and their psychological terrorist front men can’t do anything but attack my character and credibility, as diversion away from the glaring reality.

Quite obviously, it isn’t MY credibility in question here. 200+ videos, an extensive website, and an irrefutable eBook covering 100 years of geoengineering reality illustrates my credibility on this topic. The ‘degreed’ and ‘awarded’ meteorologists remaining in total silence about what everyone can see on daily basis, illustrates THEIR credibility.

Meanwhile the farcical ‘meteorologist’ on the Today Show who spends more time doing his Bozo the Clown imitation than covering any weather event, continues regurgitating unmanageable rain and flood totals as if they are sports statistics, instead of explaining how any of it is possible. Dry air coming from the Pacific Ocean, dry air coming from the Gulf of Mexico, yet daily deluge coming from ON LAND in the Mexico mountains with literal clockwork regularity… and this ‘degreed meteorologist’ explains none of it. All the while portending ‘concern for our friends in Texas.’ Some “friend” he is, to the people of Texas and the South.

There isn’t any way for anyone remotely intelligent or serious to ‘debate’ any of this. Each day’s example, is more visibly shocking than the day before. The only issue that is impossible to understand, is why the people of Texas haven’t figured out that none of this even remotely possible, by any “natural” means. Floods every single day and billion dollars in hail damage alone, doesn’t just “happen.”

So, we all continue to wait for any government, law enforcement, emergency responders, insurance companies, educators, or perpetual victims themselves, to actually want to understand it. In the event any of them want to know… we are right here.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Geo Engineering Dokumentation – Berlin 2015 ( Chemtrails – Germany )

Lasst uns diskutieren, aber fair und sachlich bleiben!
Feinstaub-Meldungen wird es in Zukunft häufiger geben. Durch das Geo-Engineering steigt die Temperatur um ca. 2 – 3 °C an. Wenn das viele Tage gemacht wird, dann wird es unter der Wolkendecke also wärmer. Mit dieser Technik kann ich künstlich die Temperatur ansteigen lassen (auch Meteo France hat sich dazu geäußert). Deshalb wird es sehr gern in der Nacht gemacht um am Folgetag eine höhere Temperatur zu erhalten. Der ganze Stadtsmog kann sich so schlechter auflösen.

Wenn man die Sonnenstunden mit sauberen blauen Himmel und normalen Wolken zählt, dann fällt uns auf, dass die doch deutlich weniger geworden sind. Registriert wird natürlich etwas anders, weil der Schleier vor der Sonne keine Rolle spielt beim zählen der Sonnenstunden. Es gab 2015 wenige Stunden mit blauen Himmel und normalen Wolken. Diese Tage kann ich abzählen und andere Berliner können das sicherlich auch so bestätigen. Es gibt dann immer die Fachmänner die ihre Links präsentieren und uns mit Sonnenstunden kommen die doch in Ordnung seien. Noch mal – die Sonnenstunden werden auch gezählt wenn dieser neblige Schleier zu sehen ist (dazu brauch man sich nur mal mein Timelapse anzuschauen).

Zum Thema Fuel Dumping – Wikipedia:
Für das Ablassen von Treibstoff muss zunächst eine Notfallsituation vorliegen. Der Fluglotse weist den Piloten dann nach den Regelungen der ICAO ein Gebiet zu, das eine geringe Besiedelungsstruktur aufweist. Die Mindestflughöhe muss 6000 Fuß (ft) betragen (ca. 1.850 m). Während das Flugzeug das Kerosin ablässt, befindet es sich in der Regel im Steigflug.

COPD ist laut Mainstreamberichten eine Raucherkrankheit. Prozentual bewegen sich die Fälle bei angeblichen 90%. Im Internet findet man andere Studien (z.B. 50% Nichtraucher – 50% Raucher). Ich kenne 2 Leute mit dieser Erkrankung und das sind Nichtraucher (daran kann man das natürlich nicht festmachen, sollte wohl klar sein).

Ruft einfach mal beim Umweltbundesamt in Dessau an. Die sind an der Anmeldung noch sehr freundlich, nur die Person die dazu Auskunft gibt, ist es leider nicht. Ein sehr aggressives Verhalten legt dieser Mann an den Tag. Der Herr lässt einem nicht zu Wort kommen und legt einfach auf (probiert es mal aus). 🙂
Hier ist die direkte Durchwahl: 0340/21032130

Es gibt sogar andere Leute mit ähnlich hohen Aluminium-Werten:

Overcast – Klimaexperimente am Himmel – 15 März 2016 war Vorpremiere in Zürich – Informiert euch alle über den Film “Overcast”!

Schaut auch mal bei dem Youtube-Kanel von “aufzurwahrheit” vorbei!

Geoengineering: Power Plant WV Overlay

I’ve been asked several times to include an overlay of the (7,000) power plants in the United States, so people can see exactly which power plants Water Vapor Generation comes from in any particular storm system. This is my test of doing that.

Although the Power Plant Overlay makes it all the more obvious (at least from my perspective), I’m not sure if it is helpful, or crosses over into convoluted. I’ll let my viewers voice their opinions before I make any decisions on including something like this in future videos.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Geoengineering: Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak 05-10-16

Another week of inexplicable baseball sized hail out of nowhere and tornado swarms tearing up several towns in several states. Meanwhile meteorologists continue to offer no explanation of why or how this could possibly be happening like clockwork, other than showing made-up graphics of zig-zagging jet streams and blaming ‘warm moist’ air from the Gulf. The victimized residents of these destroyed towns are supposed to be grateful for having so much as a Hallmark card left of their lives, and be thanking God they survived “Mother Nature’s” wrath. As is always the case however, Mother Nature has exactly nothing to do with it.

My viewers know, I’ve seen it all before. In the last five years, there isn’t a denial, misdirection, evasion, or insult I haven’t been accosted with, and I’ve quite effectively countered them all, with daily undeniable reality. For those unfamiliar with this fact, all one has to do is spend time with Psyop Disinformation and Terrorism playlist, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

My viewers are also quite familiar with the fact that when anyone ‘new’ comes to challenge this work or reality, they invariably NEVER look at any of my extensive and undeniable documentation of over 50 years of active global geoengineering, or bother to check my equally extensive documentation of these scripted disinformation and denialist tactics. After so many years of dealing with them, the reason is incredibly obvious to me: it never even occurs to them (since these tactics are so largely effective in shutting up and intimidating everyone in cyberspace), that I could possibly be any different. They just roll out the same dumpster, and expect it to work on me, like it has everyone else.

However, I’m not – at all – like everybody else. That isn’t egotism or vanity talking, it is documented and repeatedly illustrated – fact. As I say frequently, and have repeatedly proven, I understand the global geoengineering system, like I understand the combustion engine. Attempting the myriad of tired tactics to deny the existence of global geoengineering (either paid or out of ignorance), is the equivalent of denying the existence of the combustion engine. All that can conceivably be accomplished in doing so, is broadcasting you own ignorance and denial, or broadcasting your own ulterior motives. Either way, as I said… I’ve seen and heard it all before.

So, for this ‘professor,’ or anyone else who wants to tell me the combustion engine doesn’t exist, I have a couple of pieces of advice. Before you start shoveling piles of ‘hot and moist’ nonsense at me, make it through at least one of my videos. As is the case with this video, you’ll usually find that whatever scripted BS you intend to use to deny 50 years of satellite documented reality, isn’t going to work – in the slightest.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

HAARP ChemTrails Geo Engineering Weather manipulation Weapons Mind Control exposed

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Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA

January 15, 2013 Serpentine cloud shapes snaked across the eastern Pacific Ocean in mid-January 2013. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on , showing an area off of the west coast of the United States and Canada. The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-West) also observed the ship tracks

November 2013 Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare

What is cloud seeding?

November 2013 IPCC warns not to stop chemtrails, aka ‘solar radiation management

IPCC offical document PDF file

Bill Gates’ record as a depopulation enthusiast supports the argument that geo-engineering is a weather domination scheme that may be used as a weapon threatening the lives of billions of people

Bill Gates and Richard Branson Back Geoengineering to Counter Climate Change

Ariel Schwartz Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines – Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines

January 2010 Science Magazine reports Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research

David Keith – Chemtrail / Geo-engineering Discussion with “Truthers”
On May 24th, 2011 We Are Change Calgary met with David Keith professor of Earth Sciences at University of Calgary, who was featured in the film “What in the World are They Spraying” outlining proposals for aerosol spraying programs that may use alumina particles to reflect the sun to help combat “Global Warming.” David Keith has stated he has not seen the film and that he would not want to see it because the producer is biased in his opinion and built the evidence around the conclusion and not the other way around.

The meeting was attended by about 10 We Are Change Calgary members, and David Keith and his Assistants Hollie Roberts and Ashley Mercer (who works on public perception of geo-engineering) . David Keith has always denied that Chemtrail spraying operations are ongoing, while promoting Geo-engineering “proposals”. We must remember that in a CFR meeting it was stated that there were Tens of Millions spent on confusing the public about Geo-engineering.

One of Davids main arguments in the meeting is, if there was a large scale chemtrail program that we would have to know about it. He states the paper trail would simply be too large, and there would be too many employees that would blow the whistle. We know this is simply not true because there have been countless large scale military operations that have been completely secret and confidential.

David Keith claims there is no evidence to even suggest that Chemtrail operations are ongoing, and that “Chemtrails” have been observed since the 1950’s. He also claims the aerosol spraying campaigns he is researching would not look like the “Chemtrail” phenomenon. There is tons of evidence to support the Chemtrail “Theory” but he claims everything he gets sent as evidence is laughable and cannot be taken seriously.

The group is going to be meeting with David again, this time with some solid evidence. He stated in the meeting that if these chemtrail programs were ongoing and we could prove it to him, he would dedicate his life to exposing it. Hopefully at the next meeting David takes the proof presented and actually researches it instead of calling it a crazy conspiracy theory. To have David Keith working against Chemtrails would be a huge breakthrough in this issue.

I would like to thank David Keith, Ashley Mercer and Hollie Robers for taking the time to meet with We Are Change Calgary. I would also like to thank Michelle and Denise for setting up the meeting, and every member of We Are Change that showed up to the meeting. Special thanks goes to Michelle Robinson for recording the meeting on camera.

Technology to Stop Global Warming : NASA Documentary Lecture on Geoengineering and Climate Change

Technology to Stop Global Warming : NASA Documentary Lecture on Geoengineering and Climate Change.

This is a great documentary. It’s part of a series of exciting and informative documentaries.This Youtube channel is for learning and educational purposes. Learning and Education are fundamental and important in today’s society and becoming increasingly more accessible and convenient online. The availability of important information which is also entertaining helps everyone grow mentally and emotionally as people both individually and as a whole. Documentaries are the resource of choice of the information and internet generations of students around the world. The documentary here along with the other documentaries on this channel relate to important times and people in history, historic places, archaeology, society, world culture, science, conspiracy theories, and education.
The topics covered in these video documentaries vary and cover about everything you could possibly want to know including ancient history, Maya, Rome, Greece, The New World, Egypt, World wars, combat, battles, military and combat technology, current affairs and events, important news, education, biographies, famous people and celerities, politicians, news and current events, Illuminati, Area 51, crime, mafia, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, corruption, martial arts, sports figures, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, christianty, judaism, islam, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, Inca, Aztec, Persia, Maya, Indus, Mesopotamia, monsters, mobsters, time travel, planet earth, the Sun, Missions to Mars, The planets, the solar system, the universe, modern physics, String Theory, the Big Bang Theory, Quantum Mechanics, television, archaeology, science, technology, nature, plants, animals, endangered species, wildlife, animal abuse, environmental concerns and issues, global warming, natural disasters, racism, sexism, gay and lesbian issues, and many other educational and controversial topics. Please enjoy and Learn Responsibly!

Chemtrails und Geoengineering – Wissenschaftler Piloten und Ärzte packen aus – Unzensiert NWO

Piloten, Ärzte & Wissenschaftler berichten die Wahrheit über Chemtrails – eine öffentliche Anhörung in Shasta County (California) zum Thema Chemtrails / Geoengineering und den möglichen Folgen für die Umwelt, Gesundheit und Natur.

On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers (400+, chairman Les Baugh confirmed this attendance record at the start of the meeting). The primary purpose of this meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). A list of 10 experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed. At the end of the presentation, the board voted unanimously to investigate the heavy metal contamination and passed resolutions accordingly. The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the crime of global geoengineering, all experts are identified with labels in the video (the new edited, condensed version).
Dane Wigington

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