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Geoengineering for Financial Gain

Peter Kirby, author of Chemtrails Exposed, joins us to discuss the chemtrailing agenda, and how weather modification has been exploited by well-connected insiders for financial gain. We also talk about the military applications of this technology and how the Department of Defense has been working on it behind the scenes for decades now.



Over the past few years, the issue of geoengineering has been popularized. Mainstream media, academia, and government almost unanimously support the idea of geoengineering as a perceived solution to climate change while suppressing the evidence that it has actually been in use for some time without our consent. On the other hand, there is a growing number of people who are slowly beginning to understand the reality surrounding chemtrail geoengineering, and opposition is slowly growing.

In a bold move against the establishment, Kate Marvel, a mainstream scientist who specializes in “climate change,” spoke out at a Ted Talk against the onset of climate engineering with chemtrails, also known as Solar Radiation Management or “SRM.”

“Problematic and Terrifying”

Firstly, computer theorist and founding partner of tech company Applied Invention, Danny Hillis, came on stage and proposed a number of geoengineering concepts which could theoretically, “turn down the temperature of the earth.” These included sending giant parasols into space, putting fizzy water into the ocean, and sending chalk into the atmosphere at a rate of 10 teragrams per year to reflect sunlight and in theory slow the effects of climate change.

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Mainstream Scientist Exposes the Dangerous Reality of Chemtrails and Geoengineering

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Planet Killers, Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP. Whos controlling it?

This hour and a half interview with Dane Wigington is Jam Packed with a plethora of information. Listen to the verifiable evidence that uncovers the horrific side effects linked to geo-engineering, climate modification, or what many call chemtrails.
Barium, Copper, Manganese, Ecoli and Fluoride are just a few of the rouge elements found, being dispersed among the population disguised as contrails.
Dane discusses how Defense contractor Raytheon does the weather modeling for the national weather service and NOAA and Lockheed Martin handles weather modeling for the FAA.
And Much More!

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HAARP ChemTrails Geo Engineering Weather manipulation Weapons Mind Control exposed

June 2015 Breaking News Chem Trails PROOF Geo engineering Cern PHD Physicist explains Chem Trails

HAARP Chem Trails Geo Engineering Weather manipulation Weapons Mind Control – Exposed MUST watch video PROOF evidence ALL U debunkers skeptic critics DEBUNK this video – NOT LOL PART3 of 4

Breaking News Dangers of worldwide Government controlled ChemTrails major health risks PART1 of 4

Breaking News Global March against Chem Trails Geo Engineering HAARP April 25 2015 PART2 of 4

Breaking News HAARP CHEM TRAILS weather manipulation worldwide PART4 of 4

2014 Breaking News New Climate Geo-Engineering Chem Trails HAARP Mind control Military weather manipulation depopulation plan Bill Gates Financial elite Big Corporate wall street Government greed United Nations NWO Agenda 21 NASA Last days final hour news prophecy update

CFR Council Foreign Affair The Truth About Geo Engineering weather control

CFR Council of Foreign relations The Geoengineering Option A Last Resort Against Global Warming?

Breaking news Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA

January 15, 2013 Serpentine cloud shapes snaked across the eastern Pacific Ocean in mid-January 2013. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on , showing an area off of the west coast of the United States and Canada. The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-West) also observed the ship tracks

November 2013 Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare

What is cloud seeding?

November 2013 IPCC warns not to stop chemtrails, aka ‘solar radiation management

IPCC offical document PDF file

Bill Gates’ record as a depopulation enthusiast supports the argument that geo-engineering is a weather domination scheme that may be used as a weapon threatening the lives of billions of people

Bill Gates and Richard Branson Back Geoengineering to Counter Climate Change

Ariel Schwartz Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines – Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines

January 2010 Science Magazine reports Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research

The Geoengineering Act of 2017 – Ozone Depleted 76% & Independent Lab Results of Rainwater, Scary!

THE GEOENGINEERING ACT OF 2017, Dozens of Chemtail Patents, CIA & Harvard Admitting to Chemtrails, Nuclear, Electronic, Nanotech, Genetically Modified Biology and More Used in Various Chemtrails. Also independent Lab Results showing Barium, Strontium, Aluminum in Bend Oregon Rain Water.

Quick Bivy, this Miniature Bag that fits in your hand, could help save your life.

Best Colostrum on the Market @ Use Code “LEAKPROJECT”

Dozens of Patents on Various Chemtrails
CIA Director Talks about Chemtrails with the Term SAI or Stratospheric Aerosol Injections.

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program

Representative Justin Price of Rhode Island

Exclusive Content
YouTube Channel

Question Everything.
Be the change you want to see!

Solar Geoengineering #WEDONOTCONSENT

The sky demons were out on Halloween 10/31/17 Delta turning on the black chemicals.

Chemtrails und Geoengineering – Wissenschaftler Piloten und Ärzte packen aus – Unzensiert NWO

Piloten, Ärzte & Wissenschaftler berichten die Wahrheit über Chemtrails – eine öffentliche Anhörung in Shasta County (California) zum Thema Chemtrails / Geoengineering und den möglichen Folgen für die Umwelt, Gesundheit und Natur.

On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers (400+, chairman Les Baugh confirmed this attendance record at the start of the meeting). The primary purpose of this meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). A list of 10 experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed. At the end of the presentation, the board voted unanimously to investigate the heavy metal contamination and passed resolutions accordingly. The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the crime of global geoengineering, all experts are identified with labels in the video (the new edited, condensed version).
Dane Wigington

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Weather Warfare, Hurricane Manipulation and the Weaponization of Global Geoengineering

The Pentagon has just dispatched C-130H Sprayers from the Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing residing in Youngstown, Ohio to Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey, reports ZeroHedge.

The aircraft are outfitted with spraying equipment tasked with ‘minimizing the impact of the brutal storm’s aftermath’.

According to the article, the specially outfitted C-130Hs can spray wide areas with various chemicals for ‘multiple applications, including dispersing oil spills, destroying invasive vegetation, and controlling insect populations’.

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