Cathay Pacific Cargo Precision Spraying Light/Potent Chemical Mix For Geoengineering Programs

Veterans Day 2017 CPA And the Elite hope your all still buying the contrail lie. Contrails are Chemicals #WEDONOTCONSENT

FedEx Delivering Toxic Chemicals For Geoengineering Programs

11/15/17 FedEx FX3604 dumping chemicals over Wyoming this morning #WEDONOTCONSENT

USAF Caught Spraying Chemicals ‘Geoengineering’ Over Wyoming! This Is Treason

11/15/17 USAF ‘not on radar’ Dumping Chemicals Over Worland,Wyoming.#WEDONOTCONSENT Share this please since YouTube will censor it. Its time for people to be held accountable for these crimes,from the local level all the way to the Military Industrial Complex.