Terrible chemtrails 2018.2.15(part.2)ケムトレイル再開後はひどい!

February 15, 2018 (Thu) Saitama prefecture Niiza city.
Until yesterday the chemtrail spraying was interrupted due to the winter-style north wind, but it resumed today. I recorded and uploaded in the morning, but when I looked up at the sky again in the evening I uploaded it again in a very bad situation. It seems to be the worst situation in this year. Regarding the purpose of persistent spraying themselves, various things are mentioned in the Internet, and in general it is said that climate control, prevention of global warming, etc. are supposed. However, as a feeling of myself, I strongly suspect that viruses such as influenza are being sprayed. It is raining after the spraying, it seems that there are an increasing number of people infected with influenza afterwards.
And I strongly doubt that it is planned and executed carefully over the long term to reduce population, so-called human thinning, as rumored over the longer term.
It is undeniable fact that people are increasingly reproductive in the world, increasingly allergic diseases are gradually increasing, the immunological function is gradually declining, and the number of cancer patients is increasing gradually.
It is the reality that contraception is referred to as vaccination is reality, and the Japanese government has taken the initiative to call it “cervical cancer vaccine” and it is the fact that we are promoting contraception.
As you can see, I want many people to know the fact that scattering is done like every day in reality. And I think that we must ask the government to ask “What are you spreading and what?”