Time Has Come (Geoengineering Must Stop)

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Music can be very moving to get a message across to those that otherwise might not hear it. When various communities in society begin truly coming together for a common cause in the fight for the common good, it is a strong indication that the awakening is well underway. In this 4 minute music video titled “TIme Has Come”, a very powerful message is sent about the rapidly deteriorating and alarming state of our planet. Humanity is engaged in an all out and ongoing assault against life on Earth, climate engineering is the epitome of this assault. Man’s war against Nature is a war a war against himself. Those who are awake must unite in the effort to wake others, we must make every day count in this effort. My most sincere gratitude to the producers of “Time Has Come” who are listed below.

Vocalist: Tim Buppert
Songwriters: David James & Tom Payne
Produced by Jackie Cook, Song Cellar Productions, Nashville
Videographer: Courtney Richerson