Geo-Engineering Australia Sydney Cronulla Bondi 2015

The Nate Max Project

A short video showing first hand footage of the Geo-Engineering in and around Sydney Australia. We face total manipulation of the earth’s climate systems,we are being bombarded with geoengineering, solar radiation management, stratosphere aerosol injection, and the HAARP weapon here right on our door steps above our heads.

These are black projects done in secret, but the cat is out of the bag. These programs are not regulated and no one knows the effects it is doing on our bodies with these chemicals being sprayed all over the food, air and water we drink and breathe. Also the damage Nano particles are doing to our body’s immune systems is also unknown.
Time to look up to the sky people and start taking pics, posting and talking about this disaster which is happening around us. This will no doubt affect our kids and their future. If the ph. of the sea lowers due to these chemicals going in the ocean the plankton dies (which it is) atm we are already downs to 50% of our plankton supplies once that is gorn the marine life will die too, all of it.
If the soil PH is raised “which geo engineering is doing” our plants don’t grow and our food chain is destroyed. This is a very serious matter. Geo engineering is causing global warming not stopping it.
I suggest informing your selves on this matter and talking to your local members start a petition that we don’t consent to chemicals being sprayed on us.
Check out these movies on you tube to start with

“look Up”
“What in the world are they spraying”
“Why in the world are they spraying”

These conclusive docos shed light on this apocalyptic event we are facing.