Geoengineering – Crash Course #7

Part 7 of my Crash Course in Atmospheric Physics. In this video we look at the physics of geoengineering, how to combat the effects of global warming by either removing carbon from the atmosphere or making the Earth more reflective.

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In this series we have covered:
– Introduction to the atmosphere
– Radiation concepts
– Air parcels
– Stability in the atmosphere
– Thermal concepts and the first law of thermodynamics
– Absorption and emission spectra
– The stratospheric polar vortex
– Global warming
– Geoengineering

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Further reading
– A good textbook for this whole series is “Atmospheric Science – An introductory survey” by Wallace and Hobbs.
– One example of CO2 removal:
– A scientific overview of SRM:
– COP21:

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