Chemtrails in the Air Earth in Danger? ケムトレイル

Chemtrails over my house its Pollution or Wath?
The Sky is in Danger?

Aluminum toxicity has always been A Problem With crops in some areas. This is primarily due not to the amount of aluminum in the soil (again, there is normally a lot), but rather the soil pH; When the pH is very low (acidic), aluminum Becomes more soluble as Al + + + ions, and That’s When Al toxicity can be an issue for some plants. Some parts of the world have very acidic soil on otherwise good agricultural land, Malthus the push for aluminum-resistant varieties. Ironically, this film claims That the “spray” is Increasing soil pH (making it more alkaline), que if true would make Al toxicity LESS of a problem.

This leaves the geoengineering Proposals. Scientists are indeed discussing and studying the Possibility of solar radiation management (SRM) programs for the future. However, nowhere is there any evidence That There currently is an Ongoing SRM program. In fact, the very same scientists who are misrepresented in this film are on record saying That We Should NOT Such a program start now.

Rather than just writing an article Which describe the claims made in this film, why not do just a little bit of background research into Whether Those claims are accurate?
The so-called climate scientists engineers are painted as Who Have crossed over to the dark side. They know the These chemicals can cause harm but must be willing to go ahead With These spraying flights, even if it means harming Their Own families.